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Sight-seeing in Bozen / Bolzano

Sight-seeing destinations & cultural events in Bozen / Bolzano & surroundings

This most northern part of Italy offers a colorful mixture of exciting museums, historical buildings, structures, customs, and traditions. In this trilingual region, you can experience Italian "dolce vita," authentic South Tyrolean culture, and exciting sightseeing destinations.

Noteworthy museums in Bozen / Bolzano

  • South Tyrolean Archeological Museum: Ötzi (the "Ice-Man") and various archeological treasures found with him form the centerpiece of this exhibition.
  • City Museum: The richest artistic and cultural / historical collection of its kind in South Tyrol.
  • Museion: A museum for modern and contemporary art.
  • Mercantile Museum: This museum documents the economic history of Bozen / Bolzano.
  • Natural Museum of South Tyrol: This museum offers a stroll through the biological and cultural history through the unique mountain and valley landscapes of South Tyrol.
  • MMM Firmian: Messner Mountain Museum Firmian focuses on the relationship between Man and the mountains.

Noteworthy buildings in Bozen / Bolzano

  • The Bozen Cathedral of Mary Ascension into Heaven at the Waltherplatz: The cathedral's dome (built in the 16th century) is the city's trademark.
  • Laubengasse: Famous builders, painters, and sculptors were enlisted to beautify the "crown jewel" of the commercial city of Bozen / Bolzano.
  • Victory monument: The "BZ '18–'45 - A monument, a city, two dictators" is a documentary exhibition which illuminates the history of this monument.

Noteworthy cultural events in Bozen / Bolzano

  • South Tyrolean Gourmet Festival: A festival for the senses – a celebration of the culinary variety of South Tyrol.
  • Bolzano Festival Bozen: The annual culmination of classic music in South Tyrol.
  • Christmas markets: The Christmas market in Bozen / Bolzano is a special event held in the Christmas season in the heart of the city.

Theater, too, has a long tradition in Bozen / Bolzano. Besides a solid ensemble, you'll also see numerous productions in Italian and German as well as guest performances. A special theater for children rounds out the experience. Wonderful acoustics in elegant surroundings are to be had in the "Joseph Haydn Konzerthaus."
Especially in the summer months, you can also expect numerous festivals. For example: The Bolzano Festival Bozen and the Jazz Festival with a series of different concerts.

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