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We have upgraded for your health...

Fitness room

Consisting of a treadmill, bike, spinning bike, stepper & weights.


Greek: καλός, kalos "beautiful", "good" and σθένος, sthenos "strength" is an internationally used cultural term that integrates dead weight exercises. ... Calisthenics includes the repertoire of classical apparatus gymnastics and various acrobatic exercises.

Exercising with your own body weight stabilises the entire musculoskeletal system and builds up muscles. Practically every muscle is used - from the shoulders to the abdomen and back to the calves.


Speaks for itself &  to many children :-)

Outdoor & indoor pool

Water fun for big & small incl. baby pool in the indoor area

Opening hours outdoor pool from 8 am to 8 pm

Opening hours indoor pool from 9 am to 9 pm

Water gymnastics

Monika encourages & motivates healthy movement in the water every day from Monday to Friday at 6:15 pm.

Water massage

Wave system Hydro Jet dry massage, fully clothed, partial or full body massage to choose from

20 minutes at €15


On request, our masseuse Marianna is available for health-promoting massages

Rent a bike

E-bike €20/day

City bike €10/day

Holland bike

Pool House
Kennedy Street 32/34
39055 Laives (BZ)
South Tyrol - Italy

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